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By: D'Amelio Network on June 6th, 2015

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Organizational change: are you moving as fast as the world around you?


Lots of people love the cars from Detroit’s glory days – those gleaming and enormous vehicles with loads of chrome and steel. They were tanks – and in their day they were state-of-the-art technology.  (My uncle had a Chevy Bel-Air just like the one above – except it was seafoam green.  Quite a sight!)

Ever wonder how one of these rolling fortresses might fare if they crashed into today’s lighter vehicles with their plastic bumpers?  How would yesterday’s standards compare to today’s standards?

GEOFF COLVIN posed that question in a speech to the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program in Baltimore, MD recently.  The focus of his talk was about the need to keep innovating because competition keeps raising the bar.  Leading organizational change in this environment is vital.  He drove home the point with this dramatic video of these two cars crashing – and the astonishing outcome.  Take a look!

Geoff’s Baldrige talk was a great success and the organization recapped his talking points in a blog post called “Colvin on World-Class Performance – Now and as the Computers Take Over.” The theme of the talk ties into Geoff’s next book, Humans are Underrated, which asks the question – in an age of brilliant technology, how do humans best leverage their talents to provide a competitive advantage.  Bottom line: yesterday’s standards and effort just won’t do.

Geoff’s new book, Humans are Underrated, will be released on August 4th and makes the case for why, in an environment of ever-increasing pressures to improve, that we allow humans to do what brilliant machines will never know — be human.  In a world of smart machines, it’s vital that people become more human – and be empathetic, tell stories, work in teams, and more.  The future will belong to the individuals and organizations who get this right, says Colvin.

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