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By: Tony D'Amelio on February 25th, 2016

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Global Trends: A Consumption Boom is Underway

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Vikram Mansharamani talks about global trends A Look at Global Trends -- Future of Food, Economy, Energy, China, Healthcare, Global Consumption & more



Despite unprecedented economic and geopolitical uncertainty, the global middle class is expanding rapidly and generating enormous demand for goods and services.  As global trends go, this has the power to reshape the business and economic landscape.  What are the opportunities and risks that come with it?  Yale Lecturer, Harvard Senior Fellow and author of Boombustology VIKRAM MANSHARAMANI offers fresh insights in his speeches and writings. 


The best way to get a feel for Vikram's ideas is to take a look at the eight new videos we just posted from a recent talk.   In them Vikram connects the demographic, economic and political dots to help audiences understand where the world is headed.  The videos below are excerpts from Vikram’s talk to the Farm Credit Mid-America conference:   


In a complex world there's a strong benefit to being a generalist.  Vikram's belief is that expertise and focus create the perfect setting to be blindsided by events and risks we could have/should have seen coming.   By looking at the world through many lenses, and paying attention to news and events  that others ignore or discount, dots can be connected to reveal trends that might otherwise be missed.  Vikram's value as a speaker is to provide audiences with the tools to look at the world differently.   Aside from speaking and work at Yale and Harvard, Vikram’s work continues to get widespread attention. Last week Quartz India picked up this commentary.  And RealVisionTV aired this interview of Vikram talking about global trends.

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