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By: Tony D'Amelio on April 1st, 2016

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Watergate: "All The President's Men" Anniversary

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40th anniversary of Watergate scandal film All the President’s Men Watergate reporter Bob Woodward on 40th Anniversary of All The President's Men


This year marks the 40th anniversary of Watergate scandal film All the President’s Men.  The brilliant film is an adaptation of the bestselling book by BOB WOODWARD and Carl Bernstein. The duo won a Pulitzer Prize for their work uncovering the web of lies and corruption that helped take down the No. 1 resident on Pennsylvania Avenue.  Their work forever transformed politics and journalism in the process.

Robert Redford played Bob Woodward in the film.  Watch the original trailer for the film or view this great interview with Woodward and Bernstein from CBS News recapping the Watergate story.


It’s been called the most devastating political story of the century - political espionage and sabotage instigated by the President against his opponents.

I asked Bob to recap why this story is still so important – especially as we consider the upcoming election for president:

  • "It has been said that Watergate was a 'lust for political power.'  True, but it was much more---a broader, organized, well-funded, mean-spirited, criminal, secret assault on democracy.  Nixon was effectively tampering with everyone's vote, attacking the political opposition with massive sabotage and espionage, and distorting his own record and motives.  When his secret tapes were revealed, the county was exposed to ugliness and scheming it had never heard and seen before. It was intolerable.  When he resigned, it changed the American presidency and this country forever."  -Bob Woodward, March 22, 2016

Bob Woodward’s election-year speech is called “The Age of the American Presidency: What Will 2016 Bring?”  He believes this presidential election will be a critical pivot point in the well-being of the nation, its national security and economy. In his 18 bestselling books, Woodward has written in depth about the last eight presidents and Washington power centers from the Supreme Court to the CIA and Congress. His talk explains what went wrong and what worked. He then distils out what lessons voters might expect – and demand – from the next president. With riveting storytelling, there can be no better guide as he pulls back the curtain on Washington and takes audiences on a behind-the-scenes, intimate tour of political power and the often hidden motives of key players.


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