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Tony D'Amelio

By: Tony D'Amelio on May 12th, 2016

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Political Uncertainty Unsettles Business

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Looks Like It’s Trump & Clinton Political Uncertainty Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are tightening their grips on the Democratic and Republican presidential nominations.


Political uncertainty is at the top of the list of things  business leaders hate most.  It’s hard enough for companies to manage risk under normal circumstances.  This year’s race for the White House magnifies that challenge like never before.  Depending on who becomes President, we could see a huge shake up on issues deeply impacting business: immigration, taxes, business development outside of the U.S., trade, health care (again) and much more.


Event planners looking to provide valuable insights to their audiences on how to navigate all this political uncertainty can turn to three great speakers.  Each has a completely different perspective on the election and what it means:

BOB WOODWARD remains the most-respected name in political investigative journalism.  In fact, Bob Gates, former CIA director, once quipped that he wished he’d recruited Woodward to the agency because “his ability to get people to talk about stuff they shouldn’t be talking about is just extraordinary . . .”   Woodward speaks to audiences about the current state of the campaign for President and what the U.S. needs from its next leader.  Bob remains one of the most in-demand experts for the political talk shows.  Here he is on “CBS This Morning” talking about the “Trump revolution. 
BBC World News America anchor KATTY KAY, provides audiences with an up-to-the-minute look at the latest polls, the candidates and the politics driving it all.  She has been covering the campaign since New Hampshire.  Tomorrow Katty will be on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” political show before flying to L.A. to appear on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” 12 hours later.  Katty moderated a conversation with two former U.S. National Security Advisors at the Atlantic Council on one of the other big global stories -- the #BremainVsBrexit vote in the U.K.  Here’s a video of the session.
GEOFF COLVIN from Fortune maagzine has a new talk, “Political Chaos and Your Business,” that looks at the challenges of leading and managing risk in the current political climate.  He looks to separate political hype from political reality and give audiences an idea of what really might happen should Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton win the election.  Switching gears, this column from Geoff  looks at the face-off between Donald Trump and Paul Ryan.  They meet today – we’ll see what happens as the uncertainty continues.

 Political uncertainty may be a fact of life, but there are ways to minimize the risk.  These experts offer valuable insights.

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