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Mike Abrashoff

By: Mike Abrashoff on June 9th, 2016

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Mike Abrashoff - Let Me Tell You Something

I come from a family of story tellers. My father was a World War II veteran and our main meal on Sunday was at noon after church.  He would always tell his seven children, gathered at the table, stories from his days serving on convoys in the Atlantic.  I would sit there mesmerized but would come back to the question: "If I was ever called upon, would I have what it takes like my father's generation."

My mother was pure Irish and had one sibling, Uncle Jim.  He, too, was a story teller and he started every story by hitting you on the arm or shoulder with the back of his hand and saying…"Let me tell you something…"  If you listened to him, there was a nugget in every story that you could use to make yourself a better person.

I don't learn from PowerPoint - in fact, I banned it for internal use on my ship, USS Benfold.  I wanted my officers to be able to stand up and get their "story" across without the use of any aids.  I still feel strongly about it that.  To this day, I don't use PowerPoint to make a point.  I use stories and have found that my audiences learn more from stories than from images on the screen.

I love speaking.  I love helping people to realize their full potential.  I love it when people say, "If Mike can do it…what's holding me back?"  Generally the answer is - themselves.  In my talks I strive to give people the confidence and tools to break through from that situation.  After 1,500 speeches, I never get tired of helping people discover that one nugget that might help them get to the next level.  Speaking is an utter joy for me - it's literally in my DNA.  I hope my audiences sense that.

My father passed away in 2003 at age 82.  Uncle Jim passed away the following year.  His seven children now call me Jim and my six brothers and sisters call me "Uncle Jim."  I take that as a compliment.

SO...let me tell you something...