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By: Tony D'Amelio on July 12th, 2016

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Improving Confidence - It's Possible, Katty Kay

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Katty Kay - Improving confidence of women Improving confidence of women was the aim of KATTY KAY with her book, The Confidence Code


KATTY KAY is co-author of The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance.   The book has been one of the most important touchstones for women in the workforce since its release in 2014.  Highlighting the science behind confidence, it reveals a surprising finding: women - more than men - are predisposed to lacking confidence.  Making women aware of their genetic predisposition to lack in confidence is just one of Katty's goals for the book.   Once she made them aware, Katty wanted to inspire women with a message that being more confident is a choice.  Consequently, she outlined the specific steps for women to take to gain the confidence and accomplish their goals and dreams.  Here's a video from a recent speech with Katty talking on the news of The Confidence Gap


Building on the success of her earlier book, Womenomics, Katty (and her co-author, Claire Shipman) were fascinated by one question: what drives success more - confidence or competence?   As a result, they sought out researchers on every aspect of the subject.  In piecing together all of the scientific data, the results became clear: confidence is more of a driver of success and achievement than competence.  These findings represented important news to women who have felt compelled to discount confidence in favor of improving skills.  Most of all, these new findings inspire women.  They provide an action plan for them to find the path to improving confidence that works best for them.  Here's an excerpt of Katty talking about confidence vs. competence.  


Here are two more video clips from Katty's recent Confidence Code talk.  They provide a great foundation of understanding for the message she delivers in her speeches.   Please take a moment to review - they are all pretty short clips but offer some great advice on improving confidence.

 Confidence – Turning Thoughts into Action

Confidence is a Choice


Finally, Katty just completed a comprehensive five-part series for broadcast on the BBC called What Women Want (in the White House).”  Women voters have decided five of the last presidential elections.   It seems like they will almost certainly decide the upcoming election as well.  Katty's reporting explores what they’re feeling, who they’re supporting and why.  Katty's findings regarding what women want most in the White House may well surprise you. 

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