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By: Tony D'Amelio on January 29th, 2019

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Keeping Up With Beloved Basketball Legend Bill Walton


Keeping up with legendary basketball icon BILL WALTON, the most colorful and original sports personality on television, can be a real challenge. He is always on the move - making news and having fun. Here are some recent fun videos and articles on Bill:

Earlier this month, Bill made headlines when he implored Barack Obama to take the job as head coach of UCLA basketball. It created quite a buzz.


He also looked to his UCLA Basketball coach John Wooden for Guidance.

Bill is a larger-than-life (literally) figure in his beloved home town of San Diego. That’s why the Seals, the Professional Lacrosse League team based there, recruited Bill to do the voice-over on the team’s new promotional video. Watch it here


Here’s Bill’s promotional video for PAC-12 basketball filmed at Eugene, Oregon’s famous Voodoo Doughnuts:



The LA Times did a profile of Bill earlier this month that truly captures his essence: If Bill Walton is Trending, a Debate is Normally in Store. For all his offbeat commentary during the game, Bill comes to his broadcasts over-prepared and is ready for anything that might happen on the basketball floor. His work ethic belies his laid-back demeanor.

And finally, Bill was as entertaining as ever on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast.  He talked about his broadcasting career, his broadcasting philosophy, his love of the Grateful Dead, not having a TV as a kid, and why he doesn't like being interviewed. You can listen to the podcast here.



Bill Walton is one of the most inspiring speakers from the world of sports. At 6' 11", he is a commanding presence - yet a gentle man who draws on his basketball and broadcasting careers to bring audiences lessons on overcoming the obstacles to success, teamwork, and leadership.  Most people know about Bill's success on the court, but his challenges off the court included orthopedic issues that led to 37 surgeries. Still, Bill persevered and prevailed, in large part because of an unfailing positive attitude. He brings a joyful spirit to the stage -- inspiring audiences to meet their own challenges head-on. from his playing and broadcasting career.  



Basketball legend BILL WALTON is one of sports’ most recognizable and beloved figures. His success on the court is well-documented; the nation’s top college basketball star at UCLA under legendary coach John Wooden, he then played for two NBA Championship teams – the Portland Trail Blazers and Boston Celtics. But Bill’s nightmarish challenges off the court are less known. He stuttered so badly he couldn’t say a simple “thank you” until he was 28 years old. And a foot disorder led to 37 surgeries on his feet, legs, and back – keeping him sidelined over half of his NBA career. Armed with grit and a positive outlook, Bill improbably overcame it all. He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame and named to the “50 Greatest NBA Players of All-Time” list. After his playing career, Bill pursued broadcasting; he is currently covering Pac-12 games on ESPN. Bill Walton has led a life of humility in service of inspiring others. His autobiography, Back from the Dead, was a New York Times bestseller and he is perhaps the best-known Deadhead, having seen over 900 shows.

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