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By: Tony D'Amelio on January 22nd, 2019

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Humans are Underrated: Geoff Colvin on LinkedIn Emerging Jobs Report

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Fortune magazine just highlighted LinkedIn’s U.S. Emerging Jobs Report for 2018. LinkedIn measured the fastest growing jobs and skills in the country and is a window on the future of work. It highlights some stunning information like this

         -Top Five Emerging Jobs

         -Top Five In-Demand Skills (Biggest Skills Gap)

         -Top Five Majors for Professionals in Emerging Jobs

         -Top Five Fastest-Growing by Job Title

 Here is a link to the complete report on LinkedIn.

The results are no surprise to GEOFF COLVIN, senior editor-at-large of Fortune and author of The New York Times’ bestseller Humans are Underrated.  Colvin's research led to the conclusion that in a future filled with robots and smart technology, certain skills humans possess - like empathy, storytelling, relationship-building, creativity, communication - will be more highly-valued than ever.


Top economic expert Geoff Colvin argues that humans are underrated.  Learn the high-level skills you need to master to stay ahead in this business climate.



"After analyzing data from tens of thousands of employers and 590 million members, LinkedIn concludes that 'The largest skills gaps are soft skills.' These are the skills employers desperately want but simply cannot find – people management, leadership, oral communication. 'People with these skills are hired at faster rates than people without these skills,' the researchers find, regardless of what kind of job they’re seeking. 'Those that have them, have a leg up.'"

"Yes, tech jobs are increasing the fastest," Colvin continues, "and rightly so. These jobs are critically important, and many of them are growing at high percentage rates from a very small base. Example: blockchain developer, No. 1 on the list of Emerging Jobs, up by a factor of 33. Yet even these super-hot jobs of the moment include many that are relationship-based. There’s even one called 'relationship consultant' -- No. 6 among Emerging Jobs, right after No. 5, 'professional medical representative,' which is in the ultimate relationship field, sales."


Geoff Colvin speaks regularly to audiences of top business leaders. One of the most popular topics is helping leaders get ready for workplace of the future and shows how companies are gearing up to make certain their workforce has the skills that disruptive competition demands. "It’s striking," Geoff says, "that as technology advances ever faster, the value of human skills is increasing. That is the thesis of my book Humans Are Underrated, and this new report from LinkedIn is the latest evidence supporting it." Here's an example of Geoff speaking on the job skills of the future:

GEOFF COLVIN: High Value Job Skills in Demand

"None of this should be surprising," Geoff says. "As we live increasingly in the digital world, human interaction becomes more valuable. That’s what this new LinkedIn report shows, and it's what Humans Are Underrated explains. Every business and every businessperson should take note." 


GEOFF COLVIN is a respected business journalist with a wide audience. He is senior editor-at-large at Fortune magazine, and heard daily on the CBS Radio Network by 7 million listeners each week. His landmark bestseller, Talent is Overrated, remains one of the most popular-selling books in its class and a remarkable examination of the foundation of top performance. His latest book is called Humans are Underrated which asks - What will people do better than computers? The answer has a profound impact on the future of work, the workplace, and organizational culture.

Geoff is a popular speaker at major business meetings and conferences all over the world. In his keynote speeches, Geoff covers several areas – leadership/managing/competing, the economy, the impact of politics on the business environment, talent is overrated - the unexpected truths of great performance, and humans are underrated - managing change in the workplace of the future. The key to business success is adapting to the environment, a strong focus on innovation, and a willingness to disrupt the organization in the interest of long term viability. Geoff Colvin shows audiences what the best companies are doing right now to accomplish those objectives. To watch video excerpts of speeches by Geoff Colvin click here.

In addition to being an in-demand keynote speaker, Geoff is also a gifted moderator and discussion-leader. To book Geoff Colvin for your next event, contact D'Amelio Network at
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