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By: Tony D'Amelio on February 7th, 2019

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5 fun things about MIKE ABRASHOFF, author of It's Your Ship

Mike Abrashoff

MIKE ABRASHOFF is widely known for his role in one of the most storied of organizational turnarounds. At age 36, Mike took command of the U.S. Navy's near-worst ship in the Pacific fleet, the USS Benfold. Within 12 months it became the best ship in the entire Navy…using the very same crew! That transformation vaulted Mike into near legendary status. He wrote three books on the subject - the most successful, It's Your Ship, has sold over 1.1 million copies. 

Like all of us, there's more to Mike than what we know at the surface. Here are 5 fun you couldn't possible know about Mike Abrashoff - until now:

1. Mike's publisher thought his book....It's Your Ship...might sell 20,000 copies. In 17 years, it has now sold over 1.1 million copies and is published in 8 different languages. Mike always strives to over deliver for clients, as well!!!
it's your ship-1


2. When asked his favorite place int he world to visit...his answer is home. Last year, Mike bought one of the three original lifeguard stands(nicknamed the Duck) in Miami Beach at a city auction for $685.00 dollars. He disassembled it and had it re-assembled in his backyard to meet hurricane standards. Here is a photo of his two English creme Golden Retrievers, Benfold and Sailor and four of their friends. Photo is real and not photo shopped.



3.  Since starting doing keynote presentations, Mike has flown 3,657,868 miles on American Airlines, 1,317,442 on United Airlines and 444,108 on Delta Airlines. You book...he flies!

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4. Mike's mother is 97 years old and has never spent a day in the hospital in her life except to have seven children. In her entire life...she has only had two home that her father built with his own two hands for 86 years and for the last 11 years, a home that her son bought her with the royalties from It's Your Ship. She is the oldest member of her gym, Victory Sports. By contrast, her son has had over 20 addresses in his life...not counting six ships that made six multi-month deployments to the Middle East.

Mike Abrashoff's mother-1


 5. Mike Abrashoff has visited 61 countries and 49 states. He will hit his 50th state, North Dakota, on March 29, 2019. He will buy the beer for anyone who wants to join him in Fargo on that date.


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