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Melissa Murphy

By: Melissa Murphy on December 11th, 2023

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Why Authenticity is Your Company's Secret Weapon: Introducing Mariana Atencio

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In a world over-saturated with content and driven by algorithms, businesses are scrambling for the holy grail of “engagement.” Yet, despite the flashy ad campaigns and aggressive marketing strategies, many find themselves hitting a wall. Why? Because what's often missing is a genuine connection with their audience. Authenticity.

In an era where the default mode is to curate, filter, and present polished facades, those who present their genuine selves break through the noise. Authenticity is more than a personal quality; it's the heartbeat of a company's culture, guiding the way to genuine connections and meaningful interactions. So, what’s the secret to weaving authenticity into the fabric of our digital presence?

Enter Mariana Atencio. She just joined D’Amelio Network and is an expert on authenticity.





The Transformative Journey of Mariana Atencio

Mariana is a Peabody Award-winning journalist and bestselling author that helps people and organizations become more authentic, something every modern business direly needs. Mariana’s message resonates on both an individual level and an organizational level, filling the room with ideas and insights that stem from her own journey.

Mariana's path to authenticity began when she emigrated to the United States. She tried to fit in, to "cover" the unique aspects of her identity, but this act of self-dilution left her feeling out of place. The turning point came with a simple yet profound piece of advice: "Be yourself." Embracing her authenticity led to a cascade of success, from her transformative TEDx talk, watched by millions, to her bestselling book Perfectly You that invites us all to “be real.”

Marianna shares her transformative experience, ushering you into a world where being your true self isn’t just accepted but celebrated.


Cultivating Authenticity: The Heartbeat of Culture


MARIANA ATENCIO: Be Authentic – Stop Covering

Mariana Atencio brings authenticity to life, showing us it's more than just a buzzword—it's a vital ingredient for a thriving culture within any team or company. Her personal journey and professional achievements are proof that when we embrace our true selves, we lay the groundwork for trust, collaboration, and a true sense of community.

 In this digital age, where so much can seem artificial, Mariana's authenticity cuts through the facade. She doesn't just speak about being genuine; she demonstrates it, impacting everyone from corporate executives to individuals seeking their own paths. Her message has a straightforward but powerful ripple effect: realness leads to real success.

 Her philosophy is simple: anchor yourself and your business in the truth of who you are, and you'll unleash a wave of engagement, innovation, and loyalty. Mariana changes the narrative on authenticity—she shows how it's done, inspiring companies to build environments where people feel valued and connected.


Commanding the Stage: An Insightful Moderator and Dynamic Host


MARIANA ATENCIO: Hosting Sampler

Mariana is also a skilled host and moderator. From leading critical conversations on gender inequality at Foreign Policy magazine’s HERPower summit to navigating complex discussions on global healthcare inequity at the United Nations, Mariana elevates every discussion she's a part of. Her journalistic background arms her with the incisive curiosity needed to extract valuable insights from her panelists, making every event a transformative experience for the audience.


Mariana’s Impact: One Key Takeaway

 Mariana's "3-UP METHOD" empowers teams to cultivate a culture of openness and innovation. By embracing what makes you "Perfectly You," as Mariana puts it, you unlock a level of personal fulfillment and purpose that radiates throughout your organization. This sense of authentic belonging isn’t just a feel-good mantra; it’s a strategic advantage, inspiring trust and enabling resilient responses to change.

MARIANA ATENCIO: Build Engagement: Look Up, Speak Up, Pull Up


Your Next Event

 In a landscape filled with repetitive voices and stale messages, Mariana Atencio offers something that no data analytics or marketing scheme can replicate: authentic human connection. So if you want to engage your audience genuinely, inspire innovation within your team, or simply inject some realness into your corporate culture, there's no better person to guide you than Mariana Atencio.


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