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By: D'Amelio Network on September 20th, 2014

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Polly LaBarre on How Mavericks are Changing the Game of Business

Leadership | Polly LaBarre

Leadership is no longer a function of your title or where you sit in the organization; it’s a function of your capacity to get things done with other people.  You’re a leader today because you have followers—not the other way around.” – Polly LaBarre

POLLY LABARRE has been at the center of the conversation about ways to make organizations more resilient, innovative, inspiring, and accountable for nearly 20 years.  She’s a founding member at Fast Company magazine, co-author of Mavericks at Work and co-founder (with Gary Hamel) of the Management Innovation eXchange (MIX).  Polly’s presentations take audiences on an inspiring journey and bring to life the people, organizations and ideas creating the future.  She delivers examples of the most practical and high-impact ways to innovate, adapt and succeed.

Take a look at Polly’s speech offerings below but please don’t take them literally – they’re examples of what’s possible:

The Human Edge: Fully Engaged & Relentlessly Innovative

For every leader unsettled by rampant disruption, there is a powerful antidote already inside the organization: the untapped audacity, imagination, energy and passion of its people. Those fundamental human qualities are the engine of the creative economy—the source of all value. But too few organizations are designed to unleash, mobilize, and amplify that human edge. In this talk, Polly lays out a path for cultivating a culture of contribution, collaboration and innovation—one where everyone is switched-on and connected to each other and to customers. She inspires audiences with a set of strategies for re-designing systems, processes, and practices to make their organization fundamentally more innovation-friendly – embedding the mindsets and methods of experimentation into everything they do. Leaders at every level take away an increased capacity to inspire and unleash both creativity and accountability.

A Maverick Agenda for Inventing the Future

Catching the future depends less on planning for what will come next and more on continuously experimenting with what could come next. In order to innovate and adapt in this creative, disruptive economy, every organization must develop the capacity (and the appetite) for experimentation and even failure. Despite the life or death stakes, this is not natural behavior for most organizations. The challenge: most organizations are programmed to safeguard the status quo. So, how do you unleash your organization’s inner insurgent? How do you build a company with the native drive to disrupt the status quo and the capacity to change ahead of change? Polly delivers a set of actionable strategies drawn from her research and work inside some of the world’s most successful, creative, and innovative companies. She helps people embrace a completely new mindset for changing the way they do organizational change.


Liberation Leadership: A New Way of Leading Change

The era of the heroic, all-knowing, all-powerful leader is over. Leadership is no longer a function of your title or where you sit in the organization. It’s a consequence of your capacity to get things done with other people. But as disruptive forces have transformed the workplace, the practice of leadership has lagged behind; stranded in outmoded mindsets, processes, and organization structure. In this presentation, Polly shows audiences a path to transforming the organization by rethinking how leadership is done. She reveals what new leadership models look like in practice at bold and successful organizations that have reshaped their leadership mindset and reaped the rewards. Polly’s vivid storytelling highlights how top leaders pressed the reset button on their leadership style to lead change in completely new ways. Audiences walk away understanding the most important things that need to be done to “leader-proof” the organization.


For your convenience, here’s a link to Polly’s online video channel – we’ve just added three new video segments.  I hope you’ll keep Polly in mind when the right opportunity arises. 


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New Paths to Organizational Control: Polly LaBarre, Top Innovation Speaker