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By: D'Amelio Network on March 29th, 2015

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The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders issue of Fortune magazine has arrived – do you agree?


The World’s 50 Greatest Leaders issue from Fortune just hit the newsstands this week.  Senior editor-at-large GEOFF COLVIN again spearheaded the annual effort.

As for who’s included, there are some no-brainers – and some big surprises.  Like discussions on the topic of who would make up the basketball dream team of all-time, this list is fun to debate.  One thing is for sure, though – the list is testimony to the new thinking: you’re a leader because you have followers – not just because you have a title.

Geoff’s research on big Fortune projects like this pays off big-time when he speaks to audiences.  He draws on conversations and insights and talks about what the best leaders and organizations are doing right now to deal with the challenging business environment. Read Geoff’s introductory piece: to the cover story – 50 Intrepid Guides for a Messy World. 

Geoff Colvin is an extraordinary business journalist whose breadth and depth constantly amaze me.  I am anxiously awaiting the release of his next book in August - Humans are Underrated.