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By: Tony D'Amelio on July 21st, 2016

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What Women Voters Want: Katty Kay’s BBC Series

American Politics

Katty Kay: What Do Women Voters Want? What do women voters want in a president?
Watch Katty Kay’s 5-part BBC series.


Women voters are crucial.  That's the word KATTY KAY has been hearing as she is covering the Republican convention in Cleveland for the BBC this week.  She’ll also be at the Democratic convention in Philadelphia next week.  She'll likely hear the same there.  In the run-up to the conventions, Katty has been talking extensively with women voters -- looking to understand how they're feeling about the candidates.  


As a tie-in to convention coverage, Katty just completed a five-part series for BBC broadcast called What Women Want (in the White House)”.  The question is an important one for both parties.  Women voters have determined the outcome of the last five presidential elections.  They will likely do the same in 2016.  Katty’s reporting explores what women are feeling, who they’re supporting and why.  Her findings regarding what women want most in the White House may well surprise you and the candidates themselves.


Katty Kay has lived in the U.S. and covered Washington politics since the late 1990s.  As a Brit living in Washington, her perspective is unique compared to what American journalists might see.  Her global experience - growing up in  the Middle East and working as a journalist in Japan, U.K. and South Africa - give her a distinctly different way of looking at American politics and policy.  Audiences find that perspective - and her warmth and wit - positively refreshing.  And as you might imagine, in addition to American politics, Katty can also provide a global update for audiences that want it: Turkey, North Korea, Middle East, China, the future of the European Union & Brexit, and much more.

To learn more about Katty's speaking, check out her video library on YouTube.  And also please follow Katty on Twitter at @KattyKayBBC.


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